I love adventure in business and sailing

Sebastiaan Ambtman is a serial entrepreneur who has worked in the technology sector since the late 90’s. In 1998 he started his first internet company pioneering in e-commerce, he was part of the small team that started eBay in the Netherlands and was co-founder of an online marketplace for local retailers. Currently Sebastiaan is co-founder of a startup harvesting meteorological data from ocean going vessels. Besides a passion for new technology, Sebastiaan is also an experienced ocean sailor who has covered over 75,000km at sea mainly powered by wind and solar.
Feel free to contact me at sebastiaan@ambtman.com or +1 902 880 8497
2019 to now – Real time offshore weather data
OceanSync – is on a mission to harvest meteorological data from a global fleet of ocean going vessels
2017 to 2018 – Sailing
Another family sailing trip. Covered about 15,000 miles sailing from Amsterdam to Halifax, Canada on our Boreal 44 sailboat.
2012 to 2017 –  Building new businesses
Voradius – shopping at stores nearby,  Producten.nl – ‘last mile’ shopping comparison,
ABOSS – artist  management software tool
Ideas, pitches, lean, product development, fundraising, rollercoaster, exit?
2011 to 2012 – Back to school
Enkhuizen school of seamanship
Learn how to sail a tallship and traditional navigation
2009 to 2011 – Sailing
Covered about 25,000 miles between Europe, Africa, Caribbean, The Americas and Arctic Circle on a 37ft sailboat with our two small kids
2003 to 2008 eBay
Global internet marketing team, Marktplaats.nl acquisition, beating Speurders, Admarkt Advertising, Amsterdam, London, Silicon Valley, great friends
1999 to 2002 – My first company Occhio and Framfab
Building my first business, early days of online commerce, content management software
1997 to 2003 – VU University Amsterdam
Banking and Finance, MSc, Sky is the limit..